BONNEY Tissue Forceps

BONNEY Tissue Forceps


Introducing Zartec’s Bonney Tissue Forceps—an instrumental tool renowned for surgical precision. These forceps feature robust, toothed jaws designed to firmly grip tissues during intricate procedures. Their unique curved or angled design grants enhanced access to precise anatomical areas within the body. With a toothed surface ensuring a secure tissue hold, these forceps empower surgeons with unparalleled control and precision, particularly in deeper or intricate regions.

Widely employed in abdominal surgeries, they guarantee steadfast tissue grip, minimizing slippage risk for meticulous surgical maneuvers.

Additional information

Catalog Number

03-313 – Straight 1×2 Teeth
03-314 – Straight 2×3 Teeth


15 cm
16 cm
17 cm
18 cm
19 cm
20 cm


Single Use

Tip Design

1×2 teeth
2×3 teeth