Converse Needle Holder

Converse Needle Holder


Meet the Converse Needle Holder—an essential tool for precise suturing in surgical procedures. Crafted meticulously from high-quality stainless steel, this specialized instrument features a distinctive design with a locking mechanism, allowing secure grasping and manipulation of needles during suturing. The ergonomic handle provides optimal grip and control for surgeons, ensuring precise and controlled movements during delicate procedures.

Available in various sizes and configurations, Zartec’s Converse Needle Holder stands as a trusted tool, providing the reliability and precision required for achieving meticulous suturing results in diverse surgical interventions.

Additional information

Catalog Number

02-201 – Serrated
02-202 – Long Serrated
02-203 – Grooved


13 cm
14 cm
15 cm
16 cm
17 cm
18 cm


Single Use

Tip Design

Long Serrated