Dressing Scissor Bl/Bl

Dressing Scissors Blunt Blunt


Introducing Zartec’s Dressing Blunt Blunt Scissors—a safety-oriented solution crafted for various applications. These scissors feature rounded, blunt tips designed with safety in mind, making them ideal for environments where avoiding sharp edges is crucial. With their durable construction and comfortable grip, Blunt Blunt Scissors offer ease of use for tasks such as crafting, classroom settings, or any situation where safety is a priority. Embrace the reliability and peace of mind these scissors provide, offering a safe yet efficient cutting experience for all.

Additional information

Catalog Number

01-109 – Straight
01-110 – Curved


12 cm
13 cm
14.5 cm
15.5 cm
16.5 cm
17.5 cm
18.5 cm
20.5 cm


Single Use


German Stainless Steel
High Quality Pakistan Steel