FERRIS-SMITH Tissue Forceps

FERRIS-SMITH Tissue Forceps


Precision Grasping: FERRIS-SMITH Tissue Forceps

Elevate your surgical finesse with Zartec’s FERRIS-SMITH Tissue Forceps, meticulously crafted for precise tissue manipulation. The design ensures optimal control, making them an essential tool in delicate procedures. Built with durability in mind, these forceps offer reliability in the demanding environment of the operating room. Versatile and adaptable, FERRIS-SMITH Forceps seamlessly integrate into various surgical specialties, providing enduring performance.

Trust in the precision of FERRIS-SMITH for superior tissue manipulation, setting a new standard in surgical excellence.

Additional information

Catalog Number

03-338 – 1×2 Teeth
03-339 – 2×3 Teeth


11 cm
12 cm
13 cm
14 cm
15 cm
16 cm
17 cm
18 cm
19 cm
20 cm
21 cm
22 cm
23 cm


Single Use

Tip Design

– Extra Serrated, 1×2 Teeth
– Extra Serrated, 2×3 Teeth