Gross-Maier Forceps

Gross-Maier Forceps


Robust Precision: Gross-Maier Forceps for Surgical Mastery

Introducing Zartec’s Gross-Maier Forceps, meticulously engineered for strength and precision in surgical procedures. Crafted with a robust design, these forceps offer surgeons unparalleled control and reliability in handling tissues and various surgical tasks.

The sturdy construction of Gross-Maier Forceps ensures durability, making them a trusted tool in the demanding environment of the operating room. The serrated tips provide a secure grip, allowing for precise tissue manipulation.

Adaptable across a spectrum of surgical specialties, Gross-Maier Forceps redefine surgical excellence with their strength and precision. Trust Gross-Maier for superior control, reliability, and a commitment to advancing surgical outcomes.

Additional information

Catalog Number

05-502 – Straight
05-503 – Curved


16 cm
20 cm
22 cm
26 cm


Single Use

Jaw Design

– Serrated
– Grooved


– With Rachet
– Without Rachet


Cardiovascular, ENT, General Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Neurosurgery / Spine, Ophthalmic, Oral & Maxillofacial, Orthopedic, Stomach, Intestine & Rectum, Urology