JONES Clamp Towel

Jones Clamp Towel


Secure Draping with Jones Clamp Towel

Introducing Zartec’s Jones Clamp Towel, an essential component for meticulous draping in medical procedures. Crafted for reliability and ease of use, this clamp towel features a secure Jones clamp mechanism, ensuring stable attachment to surgical drapes.

The Jones clamp allows for quick and precise adjustments, enabling healthcare professionals to create a secure barrier during surgeries. The towel itself is made from high-quality materials, providing durability and absorbency, enhancing its effectiveness in maintaining a sterile field.

Adaptable to various surgical settings, the Jones Clamp Towel offers a practical solution for efficient draping, setting a new standard for excellence in surgical preparation. Trust in its secure grip and durability for optimal draping performance.

Additional information

Catalog Number



5.5 cm
8.5 cm


Single Use

Jaw Design

– Inwardly-Curved Jaws


– Without Rachet

Handle Type

Cross Action Spring Handle


Cardiovascular, ENT, General Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Neurosurgery / Spine, Ophthalmic, Oral & Maxillofacial, Orthopedic, Plastic Surgery, Stomach, Intestine & Rectum, Urology