LISTER Sponge Forceps

LISTER Sponge Forceps


Gentle Handling with LISTER Sponge Forceps

Experience surgical finesse with Zartec’s LISTER Sponge Forceps, designed for delicate and precise handling of sponges during medical procedures. The forceps feature a unique construction, allowing for a secure grip and controlled manipulation of surgical sponges.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, LISTER Sponge Forceps offer reliability in the operating room. The fine, serrated tips ensure optimal functionality while minimizing tissue trauma. Surgeons can trust in the gentle precision of LISTER forceps for a range of surgical applications.

Versatile and adaptable, LISTER Sponge Forceps set a new standard for excellence in sponge manipulation. Elevate your surgical practice with instruments that prioritize gentle handling and meticulous control.

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13 cm
16 cm
18 cm


Single Use

Jaw Design

– Serrated
– Long Jaw


– No


Dental, ENT, General Surgery, Oral & Maxillofacial