MAGILL Forceps

MAGILL Forceps


Airway Precision: MAGILL Forceps

Navigate airway management with confidence using MAGILL Forceps, meticulously designed for precise and controlled handling. Crafted with a specialized design, these forceps are an indispensable tool in medical procedures requiring delicate manipulation within the airway.

The fine, angled tips of MAGILL Forceps ensure optimal functionality, providing healthcare professionals with a secure grip for tasks like foreign body removal or endotracheal tube placement. Built with reliability in mind, these forceps deliver consistent performance in critical situations.

Versatile and adaptable, MAGILL Forceps set a new standard for excellence in airway management. Elevate your medical practice with instruments that prioritize precision, control, and confidence in critical airway interventions

Additional information

Catalog Number

05-513 – Infant
05-514 – Pediatric
05-515 – Adults


14.5 cm
20 cm
25 cm


Single Use

Jaw Design

– Serrated


– With Rachet


ENT, Anaesthesia