RAGNELL Dissecting Scissors

RAGNELL Dissecting Scissors


Meet the Ragnell Dissecting Scissors—a pinnacle of precision in surgical instrumentation. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these scissors boast slender, curved blades with fine tips, meticulously designed for delicate dissection tasks. Their unique curvature allows surgeons to navigate with unparalleled precision and control through intricate anatomical structures during surgical procedures.

With ergonomic handles ensuring comfort and dexterity, Zartec’s Ragnell Dissecting Scissors stand as indispensable tools for achieving surgical precision and finesse in delicate procedures.

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Catalog Number

01-172 – Straight
01-173 – Curved


11 cm
11.5 cm
12 cm
12.5 cm
13 cm
13.5 cm
14 cm
14.5 cm
15 cm


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