RANDAL Kidney Stone Forceps

RANDAL Kidney Stone Forceps


Precision Extraction with RANDAL Kidney Stone Forceps

Meet the pinnacle of precision in urological procedures – Zartec’s RANDAL Kidney Stone Forceps. Meticulously crafted for delicate tasks, these forceps feature a specialized design for secure and controlled kidney stone extraction. The fine, serrated jaws ensure a precise grip, making them an indispensable tool for urologists and surgeons.

Built with durability in mind, RANDAL Kidney Stone Forceps provide reliability in the demanding environment of the operating room. The ergonomic design enhances the surgeon’s comfort and control during procedures.

Adaptable across various urological applications, RANDAL Kidney Stone Forceps set a new standard for excellence. Trust RANDAL for superior precision, reliability, and a commitment to advancing urological outcomes.

Additional information

Catalog Number

04-414 – Straight
04-415 – Curved Fig,1
04-416 – Curved Fig.2
04-417 – Curved Fig 3
04-418 – Curved Fig,4
04-419 – Curved Fig.5
04-420 – Curved Fig 6


19 cm
21 cm
23 cm


Single Use

Jaw Design

– Curved at different Angles
– Fenestrated Jaws with Serration


– No