SEMKEN Forceps, Delicate

SEMKEN Forceps, Delicate


Surgical Finesse with SEMKEN Delicate Forceps

Introducing Zartec’s SEMKEN Delicate Forceps, precision instruments designed for meticulous surgical tasks. Crafted with precision engineering, these forceps redefine delicacy in tissue manipulation. The slender design ensures optimal control, making them an indispensable tool in intricate procedures. With a focus on reliability, SEMKEN Forceps provide surgeons with confidence in delicate surgical environments. Adaptable across various specialties, these forceps deliver enduring performance, setting a new standard for surgical finesse.

Trust SEMKEN for delicate procedures where precision is paramount.

Additional information

Catalog Number

03-340 – Serrated
03-341 – 1×2 Teeth
03-342 – 2×3 Teeth


11 cm
12 cm
13 cm
14 cm
15 cm
16 cm
17 cm
18 cm


Single Use

Tip Design

– Serrated
– Smooth, 1×2 Teeth
– Smooth, 2×3 Teeth