Precision Tissue Exposure: WULLSTEIN Retractor

Unleash surgical mastery with the WULLSTEIN Retractor, a specialized instrument meticulously crafted for optimal tissue exposure in medical procedures. This retractor features self-retaining blades with a finely tuned design, ensuring precise and controlled tissue retraction during surgeries.

The WULLSTEIN Retractor is equipped with an adjustable mechanism, allowing surgeons to customize the level of tissue exposure with confidence. Its sleek design and ergonomic handle enhance ease of use, providing surgeons with a reliable tool for achieving clear visibility in the operating room.

Crafted with durability in mind, the WULLSTEIN Retractor stands as a steadfast instrument, indispensable for a range of surgical specialties. Its versatility and precision make it a cornerstone for successful procedures, setting a new standard for excellence in tissue retraction.

Trust the WULLSTEIN Retractor to elevate your surgical practice, providing the precision and control required for superior tissue exposure and optimal surgical outcomes.

Additional information

Catalog Number

08-806 – Sharp, 3×3 Prongs
08-807 – Blunt, 3×3 Prongs


11 cm
13.5 cm
16 cm
20 cm


– Red
– Green
– Purple
– Light Blue
– No Color


Single Use

Jaw Design

– Blunt, 2×3 Prongs
– Blunt, 3×3 Prongs
– Blunt, 3×4 Prongs
– Sharp, 2×3 Prongs
– Sharp, 3×4 Prongs


– With Lock

Handle Type

Ring Handle


ENT, General Surgery, Neurosurgery / Spine, Orthopedic